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The ESSLLI 2012 Student Session was held during ESSLLI 2012 in Opole, Poland, August 6-17, 2012. The organization was done by Rasmus K. Rendsvig (University of Copenhagen) (chair), Maxim Haddad (University of Osnabrück), Dominik Klein (Tilburg University), Matthijs Westera (ILLC, Universiteit van Amsterdam) and Margot Colinet (Université de Paris 7), Anders Johannsen (University of Copenhagen) and Niels Beuck (Hamburg University).

The program featured 16 talks and 5 posters, papers from which are available in the proceedings.

Springer sponsored the event with prizes for Best Paper and Presentation and Best Poster, Paper and Presentation. The winners were

Michal Zawidzki for his paper and presentation on Tableau-based decision procedure for hybrid logic with satisfaction operators, universal modality and difference modality, and

Raul Fervari for his poster, paper and presentation on The Expressive Power of Swap Logic.

Both papers are available in the proceedings.